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Cleaning Equipment and Consumables

We’re the leader in cleaning and hygiene programs, offering a perfect balance between mechanics, chemistry and methods.

As experts in our field, we also know the importance of understanding the requirements of your industry. In all of the industries in which we work, efficient hygiene practices cannot be underestimated – especially in production environments where the risk of contamination poses great danger.

We offer only the best and latest technological advancements when it comes to hygiene equipment and solutions, because we know this is critical in your ongoing success.

Our product range is extensive, so we can offer you a solution for every challenge.

Whether you need a clean-in-place foam cleaning system to improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity and ensure safe food, a clean-out-of-place solution that can be applied throughout various site locations to disinfect and decontaminate your plant, or a built-in cleaning system– we have a solution for you.

Our range of professional cleaning equipment and maintenance supplies is known for its outstanding quality and durability. It’s been tried and tested, and we’ve confirmed water-saving results.

Our focus is to deliver total solutions to you with tailored systems that are professionally integrated into your business process, and we offer equipment purchase, hiring and leasing options to suit your precise needs.

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