Decon 7

Protect your brand against harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses

Scalable on Devices.

Responsive & Retina

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Smartly Coded & Maintained.

Powerful Performance

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Flexible & Customizable.

Truly Multi-Purpose


Decon 7 (D7) is a patented EPA registered anti-microbial disinfectant, sporicidal and chemical decontaminant which can be rapidly deployed and applied as a fog, liquid, mist bath or spray. It has the highest log kill measurable.

Decon 7 is not available for individual sale.

A simple process: our ceiling cleaning program

This multi-part aqueous detergent, decontaminant, disinfectant and deodoriser was originally developed for the military, however its low toxicity and corrosivity proved it to be a powerful and useful weapon in the fight against contamination in the food and biosecurity industries.

Originally used to completely inactivate the avian influenza virus, it’s now used more widely in food sanitation and illness prevention programs.

Benefits of D7 in the war against contaminants

  • highest log kill measurable
  • less expensive compared with other decontaminant solutions
  • biodegradable (0 VOC’s)
  • non-corrosive
  • colourfast (Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • used in high temperature ranges
How it works


The D7 foaming application completely covers equipment, floors, overhead spaces, vertical and horizontal surfaces, reaches heights well above three metres. The foam changes colour to indicate poorly cleaned areas and loosens persistent biofilms


D7 applications work well with most equipment currently used in sanitation operations. Contact us to find out if D7 can be used with your equipment.

Usage options

Complete deep cleaning
A complete breakdown of all equipment and all areas within the plant and removal of all product from the plant, this application option is preferred when your plant is experiencing reoccuring microbial contamination.

Focused deep cleaning
Mainly applied to a focused area that needs special attention. Can be applied on a rotating basis to areas throughout the plant on a weekly basis.

Daily cleaning
Applied in high traffic areas such as entryways, collection points such as drains and for spot sanitizing.

Doorway foaming system - A need to reduce cross contamination from room to room, raw to cooked, packaging to processing and beyond.

Drain Maintenance System - A need to disinfect and clean harbours areas which often cause much concern. Used in any type of trench, trough, channel, sump or traditional drain.

A seamless transition to a system that incorporates the power of D7

We understand that adapting to a new system can sometimes be a daunting task. Establishing new systems, SOP and SDS should by no means be a hinderance in improving your business efficiency systems.

We can work with you to enhance your D7 system, launching seamlessly into your current processes.

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