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Together, let's protect your brand

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We can help you with all the things that matter on your farm with cleaning and sanitation programs that deliver resource efficiencies, help you maintain product quality and brand integrity and minimise harm to end consumers.

Together lets protect your brand

Ongoing challenges for a traditional industry

The farming industry in New Zealand has displayed some volatility, and recent environmental factors such as COVID-19 has not substantially weakened the industry, but common factors continue to add strain to the industry, including:

  • disease mitigation and control
  • demanding and ever-changing compliance requirements to ensure safety and quality of goods produced
  • pressures to decrease plant costs and increase efficiencies
  • reducing environmental impacts through waste, water, chemicals and electricity
  • reducing cross-contamination and build-up of bacteria
  • adapting to changing consumer demands and tastes
  • food and brand protection.

We’re here to help

In order to get the best out of cleaning programs created by the Ecowize specialised hygienists we take an integrated approach to each site we serve.

We work with you to enhance system efficiencies through innovative operational performance processes. Our goal is to improve your cleaning systems, reduce water usage and the total cost of operational performance and increase productivity.

Our tailor-made brand protection program can improve hygiene conditions and ensure the longevity of your farm.

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