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Low Pressure Cleaning - Ecowize

Foamico low pressure cleaning systems are optimised for surface cleaning in food and beverage facilities, optimised to use the right amount of water and low energy and avoiding the user-issues often seen with high pressure cleaning. Cleaning time is reduced to allow cost savings and more up-time.

Introduction to Low Pressure Cleaning

Low pressure cleaning is done through a centralised or decentralised system or can be done through the use of mobile units.

Cleaning chemicals can be distributed as pre-diluted or small quantity of concentrated chemicals can be mixed with cleaning water through a venturi in the Satellite immediately before it is used.

Using low pressure systems reduces irregularities associated with cleaning to provide a safe food production environment.

Ecowize offers high quality, low pressure cleaning equipment for surface cleaning and open plant cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries. This technology allows you optimise cleaning tasks by choosing a cleaning solution with the exact pressure, flow, foam and disinfectant to suit your cleaning needs.

Ecowize is a proud distributor of Foamico, who has one of the largest product offerings in the industry to provide a solution for every task and sector. In partnership with Grundfos, Foamico offers pumps and software customised for maximum performance and ultimate efficiency. The Grundfos blueflux® label guarantees that pumps are equipped with the best energy-optimized motor technology. The Foamico products are innovative, reliable and very easy to operate and are designed to increase operational efficiency.

The benefits of using optimised low pressure systems:

  1. Reduces cleaning time = more up time for production
  2. Secures product quality & improves food safety
  3. Reduces energy consumption by up 60% with energy optimized technology from Grundfos (Grundfos blueflex®) and Foamico smart design
  4. Reduces water usage up to 25%
  5. Minimizes impact on production equipment

Foamico Equipment and Systems

With Foamico low pressure cleaning systems and equipment, we offer complete system solutions to rinse, foam and disinfect – all the functions in one system. Foamico technology enables an efficient and low-cost cleaning of surfaces and open production plants.

Stationary cleaning facilities

Cleaning system with master station – expandable with satellite stations

Foamico Booster system with centrally located pump(s) may serve any number of Satellites to allow up to 27 users cleaning simultaneously.

The cleaning staff can rinse, foam and disinfect independently of each other at the individual satellite stations. The satellites does not require electrical connection.

The booster systems can be delivered on a stainless steel floor rack or in a hygienic stainless steel housing for wall mounting.

Booster Systems

Cleaning system with booster pump(s) and permanently installed satellite stations

Foamico Master Stations are complete cleaning devices for wall mounting with an integrated booster pump for rinsing, foaming and disinfecting. The systems can be expanded by additional satellite stations. The satellites does not require electrical connection. Foamico has master stations which can allow up to 9 people to clean at the same time totally independently of each other. Each satellite unit is an autonomous cleaning station with independently selectable functions (rinsing with up to 27 bar, foaming and sanitizing).

Mobile cleaning units

Mobile cleaning unit with booster pump and air compressor

Foamico mobile unit with an integrated booster pump and air compressor for rinsing, foaming and disinfecting.

The Mobile unit is connected to the water supply via a hose and a power cable.

Mobile satellites

A Foamico Booster system can service satellites fitted on mobile trolleys for added flexibility and cost advantages The mobile satellites are connected to the boosted water supply and compressed-air line via hoses. The cleaning staff can rinse, foam and disinfect independently of each other at the individual satellite stations.

Pre-Diluted (Chemical) System

Cleaning system with central Pre-Diluted (Chemical) system

System principle: the cleaning chemicals – usually from a bulk storage area– are mixed with water in a tank at a central point and fed to the decentralised cleaning satellites via a separate network of pipes.

With this cleaning system, no containers with chemicals are needed in the production rooms.

Each satellite station is an autonomous cleaning station with independently selectable functions (rinsing with up to 27 bar, foaming and sanitizing).

For more flexibility with regards to the use of different cleaning chemicals, the satellites are available with an additional injector for locally dosed chemical concentrates.

Ask us what the pros and cons are and why you should choose a Pre-Diluted system over Master Station of Booster system!

Automatic cleaning systems

Automatic main and satellite stations

Automatic Main Station and Satellite units are system solutions with low pressure technology for program-controlled cleaning and sanitation of production plants, transport systems and surfaces in the food industry.

The systems are equipped with a user-friendly automatic control system integrated in the front of the stainless-steel cabinet with a large display.

Up to 10 different cleaning programs and 16 zone valves can be programmed via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

The AMS 300 main station has an integrated booster pump with a delivery rate of 300 l/min, thus enabling the efficient removal of heavy soiling within a short time.

The ASU 450 satellite station is an autonomous cleaning station served with pressurised water from a main station or booster system. The system can be ordered with an additional hose connection for the manual external cleaning of production plants and surfaces.

Hose reels, hoses and accessories

Stainless steel hose reels for the highest standards in the field of hygiene

Foamico hose reels are specially designed for applications with the highest requirements and are suitable both for combination with our cleaning systems and for normal water connection to the water network.

We would be happy to prepare for you a no-obligation quote for your new hose reel. We look forward to your call.

Depending on the model, the maximum hose length is up to 30 m. The hose reels can optionally be delivered with a rotatable wall bracket.

We would be happy to prepare for you a no-obligation quote for your new hose reel. We look forward to your call.

Foamico Accessories

Foamico has a wide range of accessories for your low pressure cleaning system, see link to Foamico extensive program here.

Water and Energy Feasibility calculation

Water and Energy Feasibility calculation

How can Ecowize and Foamico help you!

Ecowize engineering team can ensure that you get the optimal design of Foamico low pressure cleaning system, tailored to your plant and requirements.

Ecowize is a proud distributer of Foamico in Australia, New Zealand, Oceania. Whether it is a single user mobile or large installation with many satellites. We use advanced computer modelling and can online present and demonstrate functionality and features.

Ask us about the free demonstration unit we have, you can test it in your own environment.

We offer engineering support for equipment, spare parts, regular service calls and training on site for maintenance personnel and cleaning team. This will ensure optimal use of the investment in cleaning equipment and protection of your brand.

Ecowize also offer Auditing support as well as other solutions. Contact us now for a complimentary feasibility calculation for your facility.

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