Our History

Our constant drive to make things better and our passion for achieving excellent results makes us the market leader in specialised hygiene and sanitation services

Ecowize is a privately-run company that has evolved into an international cleaning service provider. Since 2002, we’ve been a leading provider of cleaning and sanitation services and equipment to the food industry in New Zealand.

Our farm to fork initiative guides the development of our company. We have developed our hygiene and sanitation services to encompass high performance and high compliance cleaning solutions across all parts of the food chain, from safe food hygiene to biosecurity.

Established Ecowize Group South Africa
Established operations in Australia
Established operations in New Zealand
Introduced i-Leader cloud-based intranet
Established operations in Michigan, USA
Further growth into North America
Gained ISO certification for Food Safety, Quality and Health and Safety
Ecowize Group Australia and New Zealand was the pioneer in reaching Food Safety Standard ISO 22000 accreditation. During this year, Masterwize also gained quality
Masterwize gained ISO certification for environment, health and safety.
Ecowize becomes a distributor for Decon 7 for Australia and Foamico for Australia and New Zealand
Decon 7 is a commercial grade disinfectant. Foamico is a Clean In Place (CIP) solution.
Acquired XSteam Clean
Further growth in Australia following the acquisition of an Australian-based steam cleaning company servicing the commercial and residential sectors.
Today, we service more than 40 food production facilities and more than 900 commercial businesses locations, tailoring solutions to needs across a range of industries. Our services are supported with real-time reporting.
In 2020 and beyond, we’ll continue to innovate and deliver essential cleaning and sanitisation services to the food industry, an industry facing ongoing change and challenge.
Move into the future with a cleaning and sanitation provider that understands your industry.
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