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Together, let's protect your brand

Your red meat farming, processing and packaging partner

We are a leading provider of premium cleaning and sanitation services and a trusted partner in the meat industry across New Zealand.

Our clients value our commitment to delivering services that ensure only the highest compliance levels across the entire supply chain. We can protect your most valuable assets using state of the art technology.

The risks of failing to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation in the meat industry are big, and the fallout could be disastrous. Inherent challenges such as the risk of cross-contamination and build-up of bacteria are made more difficult by:

  • increasingly demanding and everchanging compliance requirements
  • pressures to reduce costs and boost site efficiencies
  • environmental concerns around water, chemicals and electricity
  • social media and its role in reputational damage
  • the pressures that come with fostering an environment of social responsibility.

We can help you eliminate the challenges

We create customised cleaning programs while our specialised hygienists take an integrated approach to your site.

All cleaning practices meet compliance requirements, and our experienced team of experts make sure the cleaning program is strictly adhered to.

By taking this approach, we ensure your site is always AUDIT READY – giving you peace of mind.

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