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Seafood and shellfish production has increased to meet demand, both locally and overseas. Fish farming and production has also increased to meet rising popularity among consumers.

As you focus on demand, we can help you adhere to the strict industry regulations for safety and hygiene – a task that is essential in protecting your growing brand.

In a rapidly evolving industry, there are inherent challenges, including:

  • demanding and ever-changing compliance requirements to ensure safety and quality of goods produced
  • pressures to decrease plant costs and increase efficiencies
  • reducing environmental impacts through waste, water, chemicals and electricity
  • reducing cross-contamination and build-up of bacteria
  • adapting to changing consumer demands and tastes
  • changing health considerations
  • consistently supplying the best product possible to customers
  • food and brand protection.

Solutions for the aquaculture industry

Our cleaning and sanitation solutions are designed to reduce product wastage and maximise production outputs while safeguarding processes – with the aim to protect and steralise environments even after the cleaning has stopped.

All cleaning practices meet compliance requirements, and our team of experts ensure your customised cleaning program is strictly adhered to.

By taking this approach, we ensure your site is always AUDIT READY – giving you peace of mind.

Our processes are in line with industry standards so you can feel safe in knowing your brand is protected, now and in the future.

Want to find out how our cleaning and hygiene practices can help you meet food safety audits?


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