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Together, let's protect your brand

Your snack food industry partner

We know product quality and safety is a strong focus for brand protection and reputation in the snack food industry.

We partner with you to achieve premium cleaning and sanitation results across the entire process, from farm to fork.

Are you feeling the pressure?

Many snack food producers are experiencing challenges in the supply chain of their products, including:

  • demanding and ever-changing compliance requirements to ensure safety and quality of goods produced
  • pressures to decrease plant costs and increase efficiencies
  • reducing environmental impacts through waste, water, chemicals and electricity
  • reducing cross-contamination and build-up of bacteria
  • adapting to changing consumer demands and tastes
  • changing health considerations
  • consistently supplying the best product possible to customers
  • food and brand protection.

We can help you meet these challenges

We guide and improve your snack foods processing plant by implementing economical, efficient and innovative approaches to your cleaning and hygiene programs.

Transparency is our priority when it comes to our brand protection program. Our iCloud solutions offer both transparency and accountability, giving you the opportunity to review services and work in partnership to increase system efficiencies and delivery methods, while also benchmarking across various business units and plant areas.

Snack foods are under constant surveillance from food authorities to ensure correct representation of brands to the general consumer. With that in mind, our key responsibility is ensuring your brand and products avoid the negative publicity and reputational damage that can flow from a food-born illness crisis.

We work hard to protect your business with cleaning and sanitation protection programs that comply with the latest food regulations. Our team of experts are always on hand to ensure cleaning programs are strictly adhered to.

By taking this approach, we ensure your site is always AUDIT READY – giving you peace of mind.

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