Food Plant Cleaning and Sanitation in a Post COVID-19 World

Cleaning and sanitation in the food processing industry has always been a matter of focusing on food safety. The COVID situation has lifted it even higher, not only does it focus on the hygiene levels of the plant but also employee safety.

Fortunately, the transmission of the virus is not through food, so it does not pose a direct threat to consumers; however, it does pose a potential threat to employees who work in close proximity to each other.

At Ecowize we have revised our cleaning and hygiene programs to respond to the threat of the virus, providing extra training for our people, adapting our processes and assessing our tools, PPE and equipment ensuring they are fit for purpose. .

We have been working very closely with large food corporations, giving our customers the assurance their people, products and brands are protected maintaining hygiene and operation during this critical time.

Need an expert advice and support?

Need an expert advice and support?